Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hearing the Old Man's Voice Again

Im watching Little Monsters and something occurs to me: in the scene where Daniel Stern is watching TV (about 8:30 in on the clip here), he flips from a Celtics/Knicks game to a Phillies game where Harry Kalas announces "fastball inside to Schmidt..." then it cuts to him yelling at the Savage bros. that hes got a Celtics game the Sox and the Masters all on and he can't watch them all w/o the remote. How could the Phillies be playing the Red Sox huh?!?! and why would he be getting the Philadelphia feed. Two things: A - im a huge nerd for reazling this and B - it was nice to hear the old mans voice again

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Netflix is a strange new world

netflix is wierd. Under "Movies you'll love", they recommended Goodfellas b/c I liked Sopranos Season 1 and Chappelle's show Season 1. I'm sorry, what does Chappelle have to do with Goodfellas? Its probably the same thing the Incredibles has to do with The Princess Bride, Spiderman and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Also, about half of their recommendations are based upon the fact that I liked The Royal Tennenbaums and Eternal Sunshine. Also, they think I will like Forgetting Sarah Marshall b/c I like A - 40-yr Old Virgin. check. B - Knocked Up. check. aaaand C - The Dark Knight. what?!? Seriously? Now the whole "movies you'll love" page is pretty accurate (partially b/c I spent like an hr one night rating movies). I like all of these movies, but I just find it absurd how they put random films together for these suggestions.

So, short review of things I've watched so far while having Netflix:

Breaking Bad Season 2 = amazing
500 Days of Summer = meh
Up = made me smile
Transformers 2 = made me grimace
The Hurt Locker = deserved it
9 = liked the imagery but plot was kinda lame
The Inbetweeners = brilliant