Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Free Sandwich

So today I go to Wawa at 2nd n South. I get a Turkey bacon ranch Ciabatta, bag o' chips and ice tea. Girl behind the counter isnt playing attention and scans the ticket for the sandwich twice witch I guess in Wawa-land voids it out. Sooo I got my lunch for $2.28 today. Score!! Soon off to my parents house to eat steaks and celebrate a belated mother's day. It's gonna be a good day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Things that make my blood run cold

So tonight Mary got done class for good from Temple so we were having drinks at the Kite n Key (like we do every Monday) and she was wearing a corduroy jacket. I told her that it gives me the heebee-jeebee's. She proceeded to rub her jacket-clad arms all over my neck/face. I then got in a conversation with Archna about all the things that make me cringe/make my blood run cold. Theres alot of them:

1 - Velvet
2 - Corduroy
3 - Micro-fiber
4 - That car apolstery in like every car from the 90's that feels like velvet/micro-fiber
5 - when people's fork scrapes against their plate
6 - writing with a dull pencil
7 - when people crush/chew storyfoam
8 - nails on a chalk board (obvious but still makes me cringe just thinking about it)
9 - when you go to write with a clickie pen but it's not clicked and it scrapes against the paper.
10- Chewing ice/when other people chew ice
11 - Walking on fresh snow on the sidewalk and it makes that crunching sound under your feet.

So yea, 11 things. Velvet is my A #1 enemy in the world. When I was a little kid at the Altomari's house they used to throw 3 velvet blankets on me and envelope me in a frightening prison of fabric. Later in life Bill and Anth strapped me to a chair with the dog's leash and then threw one on me. Bill then decided to have an on running joke wherein he tried to hide a velvet blanket in my top-bunk every night. Often times clever. Often times sloppy and blatantly obvious. Please don't take this as an opportunity to torture me. Oh my... I think I've made a mistake.