Saturday, April 25, 2009


Rejection is hard for me. Walked in and I see my buddy Dave talking to this girl. I'm 99% sure it was this girl Lisa who grew up next door to me. I said hey and tapped her on the shoulder as she walked away, but she didn't hear/recognize me and it was embarrassing. Later, I saw Mike Nahill. He looked at me later and said "Ugh... What happened to you?". Again, not flattering. Heard Mike Eaton and Steve Mauro were there. Saw both of em... got big hugs. It made me feel loved. Then later I saw this girl Kate I hooked up with/was friends with 3 yrs ago. I said hey. She didnt respond. Her friends looked at me like "wow what a loser". I had to emphatically get her attention. She said hi with a confused look on her face. It took atleast 45 seconds before she realized who i was. I have grown my hair and a beard a bit but seriously, Im not that different. I think i'm just gonna stop saying Hi to people.

I had to cancel my bank account and credit card for the 2nd time in a month. I wrote a check for my credit card bill and lost it. I hate this. Punched a whole through my closet. Thumbs down.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bird Shit

Some people say it's lucky when a bird shits on you. I'm totally convinced that's something some mom told her son one day to make him feel better after he got shat on by a pigeon. I've never been (knock on wood). But I was walking to work the other day and it was kinda spittin' out. As I walked underneath a tree, I heard what I thought was a very big rain drop hit the ground right next to me. I looked down, and it was a big white stain. A bird shit missed me by like a centimeter. Now THAT'S lucky.

I haven't posted on here in a while... so here's a quick rundown of my life:

Phillies have been playing mediocre, we need to improve this. As I am writing this, Cole Hamels has just been hit in the shoulder by a bullet line drive by Prince Fielder and got taken out of the game. Yikes! Also LA just said the Phils have yet to have a starting pitcher NOT give up a homer. Really? That's sad.

The Flyers have been getting dominated by the Pen's in the first round of the playoffs. Or should I say Marc-Andre Fleury has been dominating us. It doesn't look good.

Went to see New Found Glory but missed Bayside b/c I had to work. Fuckin lame but NFG ruled!

I'm booking our tour and it's hard, but I've got 3 out of 11 dates booked and I'm excited. This is gonna be one of those things where it makes all my hard work over the last 8 years seem totally worth it.

Lastly, Harry died. I'm not gonna expand on this now. He deserves his own post and will get it soon.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

VH1's Worst Fuckin Day EVER!!!

Today i was full of optimism. "I'm gonna go up to work, I'm gonna get my bike, I'm gonna take it to a bike repair shop and get a flat fixed (which I've put off for about 3 weeks)" I said to myself. "Then I'm gonna go to the record store and get the new Thursday and Higher Giant albums, then I'll go home and relax before I go to the movies." That all fell apart after I took my bike to Breakaway Bikes for the FIRST time. Got my flat fixed. The guys there are snooty and basically just verbally tore my bike apart. I hate going to bike shops... I never know what I'm talking about or what THEY'RE talking about. I've had this bike for like 3 years, but every time I go to a bike shop, I tell people I JUST got it so that they don't think I'm a total fuckin moron. I feel much more comfortable at a record shop, which is where I went after they "fixed" my flat.

Long in the Tooth is great. The guy there is super nice, and I've gone in enough times now that he recognizes me. We talk punk rock and baseball. He occasionally throws out bands I've never heard of, but I nod my head and act like I know what he's talking about so that the flow of conversation doesn't get interrupted, I also fear he'll think less of me. Got the Thursday "Common Existence" CD, I'm loading it to my computer now, so I'll have a review later. I rummaged thru his dollar bin of used LP's and found soo many gems: Greetings from Asbury Park (which I know Bri Mac has been looking for FOREVER), Darkness on the Edge of Town, Puff Daddy and the Family "Victory" Single complete with remixes, The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack, and The Go-Go's "Vacation". I think I could sit there for hours finding albums. He has the BEST used records. If you haven't been there before, go! I also got Big Fish on DVD there for $4 and I picked up NOFX's Backstage Passport, which I watched the other week and is fucking hilarious. Seriously, it has rekindled my love of this band.

So back to why this day sucked... I get to about 19th and Catherine and something's wrong. He mentioned my handlebars were crooked, and I feel he made them worse, but this was not the problem. The problem was, my tire was flat again!! Fuck me!!! I call and they say to bring it back and they'll hook me up "homie". This guy said "homie" entirely too much. Like he was really really trying to bring it back, but like forcing it too much. Anyway I bring it back there, and they say I need new tires. When I tell them I've had these ones for a year, they laugh at me, saying I'm lucky they lasted THAT long. So fine, gimme new tires for like 97 bucks. Only problem is when I go to pay... I don't have that much money (cuz I just spent 50 at the record store, plus the 15 to get the flat fixed to begin with.) I got to give him my debit card but oh yea... I fuckin cancelled that card on Sunday when I had a panic attack thinking my wallet was lost. I also cancelled my credit card. The wallet ended up being on my top bunk ( I have NOOO idea why I put it there on Saturday nite, but I guess my drunken self thought it'd be a good idea) Anyway, I have like 30 bucks on me and the Global Cash Card aka the stupid fuckin debit-type card my job has been putting my paychecks on in an effort to save money on paper. But the shop doesn't take that card. So I got to CVS. I have 70 bucks on it YES!!!!!! But NO! CVS does not dispense 10's. Oh wait, there's a Wawa at 20th and Chestnut right? Wrong! Shut down b/c Wawa is closing all their stores that don't have gas stations. Lame! What about the one at 20th and Locust? Also closed. Same reason. I run to the one at 18th and Arch where thankfully I get my money. Did I mention this card also charges like 3 dollar service fees at selected ATM's and not ALL Wawa's are covered, there was a shot, I wouldn't be able to get my bike back, but thankfully I got the money ran back where I got more attitude from the bike store employee (who was NOT infact a mechanic which is why I think he fucked up my handlebars.) God I'm on a rant. I'm gonna go see Sunshine Cleaning.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crazy Cabbie

So this dude picks me up from work. First sign I don't like him: He has a very long, black/white beard and he only seemed by be in his 20's... it looked like he dyed it. Second: There's a guy riding shotgun. Why is there a guy riding shotgun??? This made me uncomfortable, but it was raining and I didn't wanna wait for another one. Then I tell him to take me to 9th and Washington, then on to 4th & Dickinson AKA my house. When we stop at 9th and Washington and I'm about to go into the little bodega (that I call Pounder's Jr.'s, which is a looong story, but basically, they sell 6 packs of pounders) to get, well... 6-packs. He asks, "Are you going to purchase some sort of alcohol?" "Of course" I answer. "Well then I cannot take you any farther... I cannot let you back in the cab." I stared at him dumbfounded. "It is against my policies to allow it." I guess he was Muslim or sumthin, but seriously, people. So I had to get out. I never got the answer as to why his buddy was also in my cab... and i guess I never will.

In other news, I bought the Riches Season 2 on DVD and wow! What a fuckin crap factory. Not the episodes themselves, they are great. But the DVD and the handling of it sux. I didn't realize the show got cancelled mid-season and never gets a chance to end. Episode 7 ends just like any normal episode and then that's it... it's just over. I never get to find out what happens to the Malloys. Daliah's on the verge of being a drug addict/cheating on Wayne w/ her parole officer. Cael is in the Traveler tent city with Quinn, Wayne is trying to scheme $13 million out of this real estate devlopment deal designed to screw post-Katrina New Orleans, Hue is running for mayor, Dale is in a fuckin neck brace and Sam is a cross dressing 9 yr old about to find his 1st girlfriend and then it just fuckin ENDED?!?!?!?! I love FX, but I can't believe they've done this to me. Also they put the DVD's out so cheaply, they are double sided discs with no bonus features so they could fit 7 hrs on 2 discs. Assholes.

I'm half-way thru "Taken" as I write this and I gotta say, it's pretty good. Liam Neeson is a bad ass. Also I Love You, Man was hilarious!! Go see it if you haven't Paul Rudd and Jason Segal are both stellar.