Saturday, April 25, 2009


Rejection is hard for me. Walked in and I see my buddy Dave talking to this girl. I'm 99% sure it was this girl Lisa who grew up next door to me. I said hey and tapped her on the shoulder as she walked away, but she didn't hear/recognize me and it was embarrassing. Later, I saw Mike Nahill. He looked at me later and said "Ugh... What happened to you?". Again, not flattering. Heard Mike Eaton and Steve Mauro were there. Saw both of em... got big hugs. It made me feel loved. Then later I saw this girl Kate I hooked up with/was friends with 3 yrs ago. I said hey. She didnt respond. Her friends looked at me like "wow what a loser". I had to emphatically get her attention. She said hi with a confused look on her face. It took atleast 45 seconds before she realized who i was. I have grown my hair and a beard a bit but seriously, Im not that different. I think i'm just gonna stop saying Hi to people.

I had to cancel my bank account and credit card for the 2nd time in a month. I wrote a check for my credit card bill and lost it. I hate this. Punched a whole through my closet. Thumbs down.

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jengray said...

haha see that's why it's best to go with the turn your head and pretend i didn't see you move. cuts down on awkwardness. or if they see you there is the hey i was just on my way to the bathroom, i will catch you on the way back escape move