Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Things that make my blood run cold

So tonight Mary got done class for good from Temple so we were having drinks at the Kite n Key (like we do every Monday) and she was wearing a corduroy jacket. I told her that it gives me the heebee-jeebee's. She proceeded to rub her jacket-clad arms all over my neck/face. I then got in a conversation with Archna about all the things that make me cringe/make my blood run cold. Theres alot of them:

1 - Velvet
2 - Corduroy
3 - Micro-fiber
4 - That car apolstery in like every car from the 90's that feels like velvet/micro-fiber
5 - when people's fork scrapes against their plate
6 - writing with a dull pencil
7 - when people crush/chew storyfoam
8 - nails on a chalk board (obvious but still makes me cringe just thinking about it)
9 - when you go to write with a clickie pen but it's not clicked and it scrapes against the paper.
10- Chewing ice/when other people chew ice
11 - Walking on fresh snow on the sidewalk and it makes that crunching sound under your feet.

So yea, 11 things. Velvet is my A #1 enemy in the world. When I was a little kid at the Altomari's house they used to throw 3 velvet blankets on me and envelope me in a frightening prison of fabric. Later in life Bill and Anth strapped me to a chair with the dog's leash and then threw one on me. Bill then decided to have an on running joke wherein he tried to hide a velvet blanket in my top-bunk every night. Often times clever. Often times sloppy and blatantly obvious. Please don't take this as an opportunity to torture me. Oh my... I think I've made a mistake.

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