Saturday, June 13, 2009

Septa bitch

The other day I was getting off the 39 heading down Tasker to Broad St so I could get the Orange Line to get to work. The girl in front of me stalled as she stepped off and I accidentally flat tired her. (For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, it's when you step on the back of someone's heel and the back of the sneaker tucks underneath the heel of your foot OR the show comes completely off.) Her shoe came off. I immediately said "holy shit, I'm so sorry!" She grabbed the shoe and shot me a look of utter, utter, uttttter disdain. Again I said Sorry and asked if she was OK, if she needed help. Same look of : I-hate-you-and- want-you-to-die-and-burn-in-hell. Sooooooooorrrry, BITCH! Not my fault, honest mistake. My bad, get over it. UGHHHH I hate people on the bus.

On side notes, I saw the Hangover today with Bri. Fucking HILARIOUS!!!! i saw Gavin Rosdale as we left the theatre. I said loudly Holy shit, it that the guy from Bush." He looked over. he then ordered a medium popcorn and a soda in a British accent. It was totally him cuz No Doubt was in town the other day. I wonder if Dan Gross would give me money for this story

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