Saturday, July 11, 2009

Licenses and Futures

So i finally got my drivers license. It's been close to 7 years now. I've been the butt of plenty of jokes by now, everyone from my best friends to even my parents. It wasnt nearly as hard as I had pictured all those years. I guess when it comes down to it I was just scared of growing up. Getting a license (and later health insurance) was just a sign I was becoming an adult and I think I wanted to just perpetually live in a world without responsibility (eventhough I was more than happy to get out of my house and pay rent/bills). I've been doing a good deal of reflecting recently, what with the tour coming up and my impending license test. I've been wondering if I died now if my life would be widely considered a success.

Tonite in the midst of a Phils game I attended w/ my dad, a band emailed me back about a show (I know he hates me using my blackberry during the games) and said "maybe we'll get you on this show" and then 5 minutes later sent a message back titles "Fuck it, you're in!" wherein apparently the listened to our shit and decided even if they had to sacrifice their own slot, they would make sure we played b/c they like what they heard so much. It really touched me and made me feel like someone appreciated the work I've been doing for years.

I think it's been a success so far and I've always believed in futures.

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