Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tour blog 1

So it's 8:20am on Thursday, July 23rd. You have no idea how many emails and myspace messages I sent out with the subject "July 23rd". Actually not nearly enough as some upcoming dates, but still enough. This girl Cassie is letting us play in her house in Pittsburgh and has been super nice and helpful to us. Kristen Fleuhr is letting us crash at her apartment and has also been super nice. I just hope we get on the road by when we say we will we still hafta go and abandon Plic's car and Bill has to return a rental. (side not, I now own the only running automobile in the band... my how the tables have turned.) Anyways, we'll be leaving my house to meet up with the rest of the guys in about an hour. For god's sake wish us luck. I will try to update this once a day. Next stop the Steel City and I swear if I see Sidney, I promise you all I will punch him square in the mouth.

over n out.

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