Monday, July 27, 2009

Tour blog 3

OK, OK, OK. So Penn State at 6am we (Bill in particular) had an idea. Hey since we're all wasted and it's morning out, how funny would it be if we all strolled down to campus and went to class?!? What followed is the funniest shit I've seen in a looong time. At 7am we started walking. RIDICULOUS!! We've got it all on tape and I don't really wanna ruin it for ya, but trust me, hilarious! I'll post some of the videos but Tom Beal has the best shit which will be on our tour DVD later. Long story short, Penn State was thus: waaay to much traffic, no one came to the show, the show was bad (I fucked up waaaay worse than usual), met some cool people. Eddie and Merideth from Cherry Darling Productions ruled, some amature Playboy model loves us, acoustic jams at Gregs apt, and then went to class and harrassed a music theory class and then a slew of pre-freshmen campus tours. I think there atleast a dozen or so kids who are definitely NOT going to Penn State now. Or maybe they definitely ARE. It's open to interpretation.

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