Monday, July 27, 2009

Tour blog 2

For the sake of time spent reading per blog, this is everything leading up to yesterday/today. More to come The people at Scourge House in Cleveland Heights are the coolest motherfuckers on the planet. Is like god jizzed there and then they built a house on top of it! They let us stay, all the bands all the kids ruled. They actually knew the words to heart attaque. Let us crash, we smoked a shit ton of salvia and had a blast. By far the best show of the tour. Big ups to max, warren, noah, and esp. Branden(new best friend)!! Anyone ever goin on tour in the midwest hit these kids upppp.

Swing state in lake villa I'll was chill as shit too. It was a hooka lounge wit all these gnarly ass metal bands and then us. We fucked up a bunch but the kids dug us a bunch. Shout out to Pops and Screams of Winter (if your lookin for some bad ass head bangin metal, look these dudes up.

Pittsburgh was at the Stay Young house. Thank you so much to Tony and Cassie n all their roomie for hookin us up. Cassie was the sweetest person I encountered while booking this. Soooo willing to help. Prawn fucking killed it. Go see em in Philly w/ eveyone everywhere aug 14. Ape Up from Boston was the shit too. Big ups!! Also mad thanks to Kristen Fleurh for lettin us crash and annoy her roomate all night drinkin n watchin the State on her broke ass dvd player. What follows in Penn State was legendary. More on that in a minute. We fuckin love all of you.

Over n out

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