Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i hate my phone

About 4-5 days ago, my phone started acting up.  First the sliding action stopped working so well.  It feels like it's caught on something inside the phone, so it has this herky-jerky feel to it when i slide it out and I feel like I'm breaking it every time I open it up.  Now the 8 doesn't work.  Goodbye texting becuz how can you text with using t's u's or v's?!?  I just used them 8 times in that last sentence!!  And 9 times in that one!!!  This might get interesting for all you out there that I text on a regular basis.  Get ready for some elaborate vocabulary words I'll hafta pull outta my ass just to get my ideas across.  Ugh.  Today me and Bri auditioned a girl to sing with our new side project with us two and Chris Pires.  It went well!  She can really sing and is cool enough to hang out with...and can tolerate the utter silliness of us two... so far.  Usually I can gauge how my days are gonna go by the way Septa treats me.  Today I was running late for this band get-together and got a bus in 5 minutes (good), the Subway in about 5 (better) and hopped on the R7 just as it was about to pull away (awesome!)  And I had a good afternoon.  On the back end however, half an hour for the R7, which I had to pay for b/c I had a ticket for zone 2 and I was in zone 3 (Cornwell Heights).  Bad!  Then I found out I would not be going out tonite with someone I've been looking forward to going out with.  Worse!  Then when I finally got to 4th street, I walked all the way to Christian before the goddamn bus picked me up, so I rode about 6 blocks before being dropped off.  And of course my phone is the cellular device from hell (did I mention the down button goes in and out now, it keeps bringing up options I don't need like Office Profile Mode and I think somehow I perpetually put it on complete silence b/c I don't know where to find that option and it shuts off every other time I try to use it!)  Fucking Sucked.  

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jengray said...

screw r7 zones. when i was temping in center city after college and living in the neast, i used to fake that i had a monthly pass by holding my wallet opened on my lap and acting oblivious while i read the paper... i think this only works during rush hour tho.