Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This long walk home...

With every step I take, a new motion-sensitive light senses my presence and turns on, lighting my path kinda like the Bill Jean video, only from up top rather than the cement tiles I walk on.  Sunday was the second annual get-a-six-pack-and-walk-from-Center-City-to-home night.  With a sixer of High Life bottles I ducked down streets I had never seen before, that I had never known existed.  This is what I love about the city.  A side street off of a side street.  An alley really, not nearly enough room to fit a car down, but with the coolest row homes.  It's like an oasis in the middle of chaotic Philadelphia.  Right below 9th and South exist these homes and the people that live in them totally separated, but at the same time right in the thick of things.  I envy them.  It's like stepping into a little secret world the common folk aren't supposed to know about... thus the motion lights going off as if to tell everyone "intruder alert, intruder alert!"  These walks give me time to be by myself.  It's why I do it instead of hailing a cab (that and I'm short on cash, although I'm perfectly comfortable getting a $60 haircut today... go fig.)  Last night after practice it was snowing, like pretty hard.  If you were out you know what I'm talkin bout.  Speaking of which, I should get outta bed and go shovel.  As soon as I'm done this post I will.  But I digress.  Despite the shown, it wasn't too cold or windy or anything thing, so I again walked, sans beer this time.  Hopped on the Night Owl bus down Market from 8th to 4th to save some time and walked down 4th street to home.  No one was out, it's like I had the city to myself.  I threw snowballs at street signs, I several times contemplated falling back into a snow angel, but on second thought, didn't wanna fall into a pile of dog shit covered by snow (b/c I know people do that instead of picking it up when it snows.)  Got Lorenzo's without waiting in line.  It was great.  Soundtrack to Tom's nighttime winter strolls:  Bruce Springsteen - "The River" & "Born in the USA" (goin to see him at the Spectrum, bitches!!).  Brand New - "The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me".  Latterman - "Turn up the Punk, We'll be Singing".  The Lawrence Arms - "Apathy and Exhaustion".  and The Decendents - "Everything Sucks"

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