Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Lights & Mix Tapes

I got frustrated today when I woke up.  My house was still not decorated for Christmas (I treid doing a half-ass job before work, but it looked pathetic) and when I went to Louie's Used Appliances today to find a phonograph/CD/tape deck combo, they didn't have one.  Three days ago, someone mailed me a mix tape and it made me smile like I haven't smiled in months.  The downside was I didn't have a tape deck (or atleast I didn't think I did.)  I went from having a great time at work tonite to being in a terrible mood for about an hour until I got off and went to the Kite & Key for Mad Elf's on tap, nacho's and Grand Marnier.  When I got home, the house had been decorated, which made me feel like it was actually christmas season.  Then I went upstairs with a few Keystone Lights and a bottle of wine I had bought at the Italian deli down the street the day before.  I soon realized my clock radio was fully equipped with a tape deck.  Yes!  I'm happy now and I'm not having the anxiety attacks that have been plaguing my last few weeks.  Tomorrow me & Bri are meeting for lunch and up-scale haircuts.  Wednesday is our show at the Khyber.  I have a present for someone I can't wait to give and I hope it will make us both happy.  Friday is the 5th Annual Ugly Sweater party at Bri's house in Roxborough. Lookin like a good week.  

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