Thursday, December 11, 2008

Feeling remorseful

Today I found out all my friends hung out last weekend with my ex-girlfriend and all her friends at a birthday party.  For about a year now I've felt bad because the last time I saw Jacqui, I had the world's most awkward breakfast at the Oregon when I went to get sat, she was sitting at the booth next to me and Anth with her mom.  I was quite and as cordial as possible, but afterwards I said some things I shouldn't have, amongst other things, that she wasn't allowed there anymore because that was "my place".  It was childish and immature, and I've felt bad about it more-or-less ever since.  I've felt recently that life is short and it's pointless to hold grudges and want to apologize, but I also want to avoid any potentially awkward/uncomfortable situations at all costs.  Also, I've been classically bad with apologies.  Maybe one day she'll read this and that'll cover that... but I doubt it.  I should probably just grow up.  Today we also got new couches - well, new to us - from Anth's parents and threw out our old couches and broken recliners.  We listened to rap radio all day and heard the same songs over and over, but I hafta admit, I enjoy these songs.  "Whatever You Like", "My Life", "Womanizer", that new Pink jawn with all the "na na na's" and that Beyonce one about "puttin' a ring on it."  These are like way better than the pop of a few years ago.  We got Optimators and the Flyers came back from 5-1 to win in a shoot-out (something I've never seen).  Satuday is pre-Christmas dinner at my Grandmom's.  That's gonna rule.  Ohh, right and EVERYONE COME TO THE VFW AT RHAWN & TORRESDALE ON THE 27TH - GOOD FOR NOTHING, CEASEFIRE, ONE WIN CHOICE, BEAR # 141 AND A LITTLE AFFAIR.  ALL YOU CAN DRINK, IT'LL BE RAD!!

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