Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Soar throats & the Lottery.

For the first time ever I think I'm launching an effective pre-emptive strike against my annual winter foe: strept throat.   Last years antibiotics coupled w/ Riccolas and general taking-it-easy seem to be working.  I made a call yesterday to finally grow up and take advantage of my employer's health care.  It makes me feel grown-up and I don't like it.  But it's better than having a fever and a throat so swollen you can't swallow anything.  I feel at any minute though, I'm gonna get sick and this has left me in a shitty mood.  Ever since 2  weekends ago.  It feels like I'm cheating faith, but what the hell, I'll run with it.  Speaking of fate, I had a dream the other night I won 93 million dollars in the lottery.  I was then too embarrassed to ask someone how to play the lottery so I didn't.  I also don't think 93 is  playable number.  Needless to say, I did not win the lottery.  I did, however start getting in the Christmas music mood.  This year I've found a new love for Trans Siberian Orchestra and iTunes (which lets me get all of this wonderfully epic holiday music).  So I guess this has put me in a much better mood.  I think I would love the cold if it weren't for the illness and numb fingers.  There's something strange about the cold that also makes everything seem silent, even Center City at 11:30.  It just seems peaceful.  Now time for bargain movies purchased at Best Buy's black friday sale and half a bottle of wine.  

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minusamanda said...

i believe that christmas music is contagious.i love every second of it. as for black friday shopping, not so much. worst time ever.