Sunday, December 28, 2008

Why I love this city...

...While I waited for the 57 or 29 bus, whichever came first (neither which ever did and I had to take a cab), about 10 people came up Moyamensing Ave with a pickup truck leading the way blasting string band music: drinking, dancing with umbrellas and holding up traffic as they leisurely strolled down the street.  And no one, in cars or on the street seemed to really mind (or really take notice for that matter) like it was a totally acceptable occurrence.  I also love the people here b/c about 100 people showed up to a show at a VFW last night and totally made me feel validated, as if all of the work I've done over the past few years has been worth it and will continue to be so.  Everyone who I wanted to come, came and we all had a blast.  Kicked 2 kegs in an hour and a half, then about 8 cases of PBR and several assorted cases of Lager and domestic light beers that people brought in.  That's like a million beers.  

I was walking up and down Columbus Blvd. the other day to find the Phillies World Series box set and the Perfect Season Video yearbook.  It was sold out at Best Buy, and I called Target who was also out.  I tried calling Wal-Mart, but no one picked up.  How does no one pick up the goddamn phone???  Now I hate Wal-Mart, but I REALLY wanted these DVD's.  I get there and was automatically depressed.  The people who go there, the people who work there, even the smell of it is utter trash.  I totally regret even going there.  When I asked a dude in the DVD section if they had it, he pointed to the World Series DVD narrated by Terrance Howard (which I already have).  I said I wanted the box set or the Yearbook CD, he said that he thinks he saw one laying around, but not sure where and then walked away.  As if to say, " good luck, Asshole."  Also, why why why why whyyy does there need to be a McDonald's inside the Wal-Mart AND a McDonald's in the same shopping center, not 2 football fields away?!?  Do we REALLY need to have that many hamburgers readily available at all times??  Jesus, people!  By the way, walking around Columbus Blvd. does not have any of the romanticism or poeticism or any other -icism I can always find walking around Center City, South Philly or even the NEast.  Getting the old iPod goin and just walking and taking in the details and intricacies of these places can be so deep and relaxing.  I take alot of joy in those little moments alone with music and the city or just in my room with a decent flick and a few beers.  The Blvd is just a bunch of chain stores and restaurants (I can never spell that word right) and a bunch of people in SUV's stuffing their faces with fast food.  

Tonight I watched Pan's Labyrinth.  It was awesome, but I had no idea going in that it is entirely in Spanish.  None-the-less it was beautifully shot and had a great story and was highly entertaining.  I won't spoil anything for anyone who hasn't seen it, but if you have, please bring it up next time we hang out, and watch it if you haven't yet already.  I also finally (or should I say Phinally) got to watch The Perfect Season.  I cried twice.  

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