Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Philadelphians Abroad!!!

So i've been playing music with the same band for 8 years now. We've recorded demos, we've even recorded a legit EP and full-length. But until yesterday, I still felt that we were still not the band I've always wanted us to be. We had never toured. And with yesterday's booking of our show in Rochester, NY, our tour is complete. Now of course we'll hafta deal with finding a van, I hafta learn how to drive it and we'll hafta deal with a ll the touring/road bullshit that every other band I've ever loved has had to deal with... and ya know what? I can't wait. It feels like I'm finally a part of this this long elusive club. I've seen all my favorite bands and where they've played and those places still seem untouchable (after touring, my next goal is to play a show at the Church). But now it seems atleast I can have something to boast. I've seen bands I was friends with, we were all on the same playing field and they went out and toured while we sat around on our asses.

I had alot of self-doubt and I'm terrible with rejection. So that's why I think i avoided booking a tour all those other years. I just can't take being told "yea you guys arent any good". Marty McFly had the same affliction. But now it's gonna happen. It feels like the 8 years I've spent doing this have not all been wasted. This is a huge milestone for me. Also it forced me to man up and get a drivers license, another milestone. One last reason why this is great for me. I've always had a little brother complex when it comes to the band Blue Collar. Seeing them practice in their basement when I was in 8th grade is what inspired me to start my own punk band. All my friends loved them and I wanted the same but I never got it. Kids went to my shows cuz it was something to do. Kids went to go see them cuz they WANTED to. And while they wrote great songs and had a great live show when they played the same bar night after night in the NE, they never took the plunge and went on the road. I realize Vinny's passing put a wrench in those spokes and believe me, I was so sad to see him go. But even now with this new version of the band, they're still stuck playing the Ashton twice a month. Well now I feel we've finally passed them by and the next time I see em will be in the rear view mirror of my van.

I realize this blog is kinda braggy (I don't mean for it to be braggy) and it kinda seems like I'm talkin shit, but I don't care. I'm finally fuckin proud of myself and it's a damn good feeling.


jengray said...

congrats again. not that i can really understand from being in the band point-of-view, but there is nothing like touring, especially in a van. just wait til you're in a bus! have a blast, andbcall me when you're big time and need a merch girl (or call me anyway, it's been a while... you gonna be back for the souls shows?)

theamericanream said...

we'll be back aug 2nd. Whens the Souls coming? Also, you should def come out aug 2nd to Tom's Pub on Frankford Ave for our homecoming show!